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BRDR. KRÜGER - Bølling Tray Table Beech, Black Painted

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Designed by Danish Architect Hans Bølling in 1963, this classic piece is conceived from the basic need of creating something simple, highly functional, easy to handle and assemble. The Bølling tray table is produced by Brdr. Krüger, a woodturning company in Copenhagen whose commitment to quality and craftsmanship has been nurtured for five generations (founded in 1886). A truly great collaboration that reflects honest craftsmanship and originality. Brdr. Krüger continues their legacy of producing pieces that are built to last.

"My favorite aspect is the construction. The stand needs the round trays to be able to stay up. It all works together. Function and shape become more than just the sum of the parts." - Hans Bølling

Product Details:
2 detachable round trays
Trays are of high-pressure laminate plates
Lightweight H-frame stand
Stand can be easily folded without the use of tools
Portable with rolling wheel and can be stored flat
Notable smooth and fine wood finish
Flexible and can be used in many ways - as a serving trolley or side table

Proudly crafted in Copenhagen, Denmark

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