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IFJ, MIZU-MIZU Mokko Basin 14cm - Brown

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Inspired by the experience of everyday dining, designer Rina Ono created mizu-mizu, a line of tableware, to bring a clean, fresh feel to the table.

mizu-mizu fuses the past and the present elegantly in its colour and style. The elegant bluish white and light caramel brown hues are reminiscent of vintage, antique china. While their fine, modern shapes give depth to dishes laid out in these beautiful wares.

This collection is brought to you by IFJ Holdings, a Japanese group based primarily in Tokyo. They believe the way to promote Japan and its culture is by championing the impeccable artistry and craftsmanship of their homegrown makers. Their aim, in their own words, is to "give intellectual life-seekers all over the world a joy(ful) and soulful experience through what is so unique about Japan and Asia".

Can be used as full dinnerware or as supplement to other wares

Proudly crafted in Japan

This piece has small irregularities, uneven colors and may slightly differ in hue from other pieces. These are characteristics of handmade items. It has passed the company and importer's quality test.

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